Explore El Dorado County’s
Agriculture, Artisanal Producers
and Family Farms

El Dorado County has a long tradition of agriculture dating to the gold rush of the 1800’s and today we continue to be proud of our rural atmosphere and agricultural history. The association was established as a non-profit organization in 1992 to promote agriculture and agri-tourism in the county. Today, we dedicate our efforts toward carrying out our mission.

Our members grow a wide variety of fruits, including cherries, berries, peaches, apples, pears, and oranges as well as wine grapes, flowers, Christmas trees and other agricultural products. Our members who operate wineries offer many award winning wines having flavor characteristics unique to the foothill appellations of El Dorado County.

Whether you are touring our scenic areas for a day or a week, please explore EDC Farm Trails and take home some of the excellent fruits, vegetables, and other products available. The many agricultural attractions and recreational activities available in our beautiful county also offer something for everyone, especially families.

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Know your farmer!  and...
Places to stay in El Dorado County
combined in one location:

Davies Family Inn at Shadow Ridge Ranch

Proprietors: Jim Davies and Linda Hopkins Davies

And... Backroads Barn is across the street

Proprietor: Reneé Hargrove


Public Reception Friday September 1st, 6-8 Fausel House Gallery

El Dorado County residents are no strangers to apple farming. With Apple Hill and apple picking season, cider tasting, doughnut sampling and pies for sale, apple culture is a familiar fall experience. Unknown to some, though, is the actual process of grafting by which an apple is produced. 

Intersecting art, agriculture, and science, renowned Los Angeles-based artist Jessica Rath explores that very process in take me to the apple breeder, the new exhibition opening September 1, 2017, presented by El Dorado Arts Council at the Fausel House Gallery.

Quilt Trail